Give Customers Help
Before They Yelp

Get direct, private feedback from your customers in real-time before they leave unsatisfied.

Negative reviews hurt. But for every customer who bothers to complain in person, 26 other customers remain silent and never come back.

Even worse, they post negative reviews online, leaving you with less business and little recourse. That hurts even more.

Feedback provides a simple, non-confrontational way to solicit concerns from your customers before they leave with a bad taste in their mouth.

They give you feedback. You respond and address the issue. Everyone is happy.

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Thousands of Happy Customers, One Scathing Review

That’s all it takes to tarnish your business’ reputation online. Because even one negative review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp can stick out like a sore thumb, even among hundreds of positive ones.

Plus, once they’re up, they’re almost impossible to remove (regardless if the complaint is legitimate or not) and can show up when people search your business even years later.

To make matters worse, your best customers rarely leave reviews. They’re happy to patronize your business, week after week, and never think twice about posting online.

The sad truth is, negative word of mouth travels twice as far as praise for great service. And as a small business, that leaves you at risk.

That changes with Feedback.

Feedback Works for Every Business. From Restaurants to Retail Stores and Everything in Between, Feedback Keeps You Connected with the Concerns of Your Customers.

Feedback is a Simple App Your Customers can use to Give You Feedback on Their Experience in Real Time.

Maybe they noticed the bathroom was dirty, or the paper towel dispenser was empty

Or maybe their waiter got the order wrong and left before they could speak up

Or maybe they encountered a huge spill of something in an aisle of your store

Whatever it is, Feedback solicits honest feedback you can act on in real time by bypassing confrontation, and sending instant notifications to your team.

With Feedback, You're Back in the Driver's Seat

When you start using Feedback:

Get instant notifications when a customer leaves you feedback

  • Control which employees receive notifications, and when
  • Customize notifications for either app push notifications or email (or both)
  • Add internal notes to a feedback only other employees can see

Directly reach out to those customers to address the issue while it’s happening

  • Communicate with customers who left feedback via chat, phone call, or email
  • Clarify where you may have gone wrong, and what can be done to fix it
  • Prevent a negative review by intervening to go above and beyond

Use customer feedback to improve your business

  • View the details of each feedback submitted, including uploaded photos or videos
  • Search and review previous feedback to discover where improvements to your service can be made
  • Learn more about the customers leaving you feedback and how you should interact with them in the future

Hear from your customers. Improve their experience. Protect your reputation.


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How Feedback Works

Designate employees that will receive notifications when Feedback is sent by your customers.

Let your customers know that they can give you instant Feedback. Click HERE for examples of marketing materials.

Your customers will utilize Feedback to let you know about their experience with your business in real time.

Your designated employees will receive instant notifications when Feedback is sent by your customers.Your employees can now respond to your customer via the chat feature in the app, by calling the customer and also email. Any issues can now be solved in real time before your customers leave your business unhappy.

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